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About Emirates Airlines
And Emirates Flight Destinations
Established in 1985, the Emirates Airlines is a commercial airline from United Arab Emirates and runs direct air flights to several destinations around the globe out of United Arab Emirates. Emirates Airlines runs out of the following locations: Dubai International Airport [A].

Emirates operates flights to nearly 100 excl. cargo; 111 domestic and international airports covering many large or medium cities, especially Dubai, Bangkok, Melbourne, Auckland, Karachi and Muscat.

Gain access to the Emirates Airlines website, along with flight ticket bookings, flight schedules, live Emirates flight status, Emirates flight fare deals, airfare vouchers, Emirates Airlines’ Skywards frequent flyer program and latest announcement about Emirates Airlines from this web site.

Other resources made available from this webpage contain Emirates Airlines luggage allowances, Emirates Airlines telephone numbers as well as airline offices contact information around the globe and Emirates Airlines jobs.

Being a top international airline, Emirates Airlines in addition provide, Web check In for passengers to confirm their flight ticket 4 hours ahead of flight departure, pre-book their flight seating together with flight meals which are available on Emirates flights.

Emirates Airlines tickets are generally arranged from major travel agents, online flight comparison websites in addition to Emirates Airlines offices worldwide. Emirates Airlines office telephone numbers around the world are listed here.

Emirates Lounge is an airport lounge operated by Emirates Airlines offering private meeting rooms, telephone, facsimile, wireless Internet access as well as other business services. Airport lounges such as the Emirates Lounge has provisions to boost level of comfort for example free of charge beverages and snack foods. At Emirates Airlines airport lounges, travelers will also find more comfortable seating, quieter surroundings and much better access to customer care representatives than in the airport terminal.

Emirates Airlines fleet operates approximately 148 (+193 orders) excl. cargo airplanes and provide more flight routes through code share arrangements with other partner air carriers as well as alliances like "Star Alliance".

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